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Apple Green Landscaping – Your Favourite Landscaper in Melbourne

Apple Green Landscaping has been designing, constructing and maintaining gardens throughout Melbourne for many years. With our creative flair and expert construction skills in design and maintenance we can transform and light up all your outdoors spaces.

Landscaping is one of the most essential and important ingredients in enhancing the value of your property. Although a good-looking garden adds more value to any property we believe that there are so many other benefits of having a stunning landscape in your property. Whether you simply need to trim the lawn or maybe looking to have a complete garden overhaul Apple Green Landscaping can provide with you all the answers to seek for. With a very high attention to detail and a strive to achieve perfection we can transform your garden so that you can fall in love living in outdoors just as much you’d like indoors!

We provide the complete range of gardening and landscaping solutions to your home or commercial property giving you the peace of mind and elegance you’ve always wanted from your garden. With our wealth of experience in garden walls, paths, driveways, turfing, rocks, pebbles, plants and water features and many other areas in landscaping, you can lighten up and create the outdoor space you and your property deserve.

Some of our services include:

As a sustainable landscaper in Melbourne we always endeavour to preserve the local and native environments so that we can always enjoy the very best Mother Nature has to offer. If you’re in Melbourne and looking for way to transform your garden, call us today and we’ll give your outdoor living experience a whole new meaning. Call, today!

With our creative garden design skills and expert construction techniques we can take the transformation of your garden from the start to finish. Every time we take on a project, we try to create a custom design that is specific to the client’s property, local environment, lifestyle and family requirements making the garden totally unique. Because we are with you from the first design concept to the final finishing touch you can be sure to get the garden exactly the way you want. And since we carry out all types of hard and soft landscaping you’re guaranteed to have everything done in one go right with us.

If you'd like to know more about designing, planning and maintaining please call us on 0450 882 713 and we’ll gladly help you with all your queries.


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